Thursday, July 2, 2015

Too busy to post

I have literally been too busy to write.  Even now – at 5:30 in the AM – I feel like I shouldn’t be wasting time on the computer because there’s too many things waiting in the yard.




Marilyn has been the official project photographer and she still has most of the pictures on her camera.  Not surprisingly she is not out of bed yet so I can’t get any more pictures.  I was too busy during the pours to take pictures.  We split the concrete into two pours – actually three with one yet to do.  We poured the slab over the old garage floor first and then poured a pad at each end 2 days later.  That was finished and the forms stripped by the weekend.

Years ago Roy Quinney poured the best concrete I have ever seen for our satellite at Ridgedale.  He put so much hardener in that slab that you could whack it with a sledge hammer and it would ring like a bell.  We don’t have that much hardener in our slab but its pretty good nonetheless.  Steve’s concrete finisher needed constant supervision but with me hovering over him I think he did a decent job in spite of himself.  I was a little annoyed with Steve’s lack of attention to detail on the first pour but I got right in their faces on the 2nd pour and I’m very happy with both those slabs.  As I told Steve when I hired him, I wasn’t hiring him because I didn’t know what I needed to do, I was hiring him because I didn’t want to do it myself. 



Mike and Diane showed up Sunday afternoon and we got them set up at the little house where the Frenchy-bus used to park.  Then I promptly put Mike to work building walls.  We’ve made significant progress in that regard but I don’t have any pictures to prove it.

We’ve also taken a few breaks to visit with Mike and Diane.  Yesterday we were helping to serve Canada Day pancakes at the village community centre.  Last night we went down to Goodspirit Lake in a fruitless search for fireworks and tomorrow we are going to Yorkton to watch the musical ride.  Other than those excursions though we’ve been pretty focussed on building garage.

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