Thursday, October 15, 2015

Carpentering again

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I spent most of Wednesday hauling gravel and then levelling it.  Thursday morning I ordered the metal for the roof and now I need to strap the roof before I can put the tin on.  The old garage had a fir tongue and groove floor laid over the concrete that I have been told originally came out of the Lutheran church to the north of us.  I’m going to use that material to strap the roof.  Before I started this adventure I pulled up the fir and then couldn’t bring myself to haul it to the dump because it is still in remarkably good condition.  I left the shingles on the original building and I should probably take them off but if I strap over top of them the tin will blend the old and new sections smoothly and I won’t have to strip and dispose of the shingles.  The metal won’t be in Melfort until a week from Friday so I’ve got a few days to get the strapping on – I hope I have that much weather left.  The alternative was paying them roughly a 15% premium in order to have them cut the sheets out of longer stock so I opted for the cheaper route. 

Marilyn cooked us a Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday.  I was already tired from arriving home very late Tuesday night and plunging back into yard work  so the turkey dinner nearly put me to sleep.  Snopes says that’s BS but whether its science or myth, a big turkey dinner always puts me to sleep.

The other big activity is harvesting the last of Keith’s garden.  He’s gone until the end of the month but he told us to take whatever we want from the remains of his summer’s work.  I guess it wasn’t entirely his work – we helped him plant the potatoes.  Other than that though the garden was a solo effort on his part.  He’s got his place advertised now – I doubt whoever buys it will ever be half as generous with the garden as Keith has.   We are hoping that he is unsuccessful in selling the place.  Houses don’t sell very quickly in Buchanan and he has priced his fairly aggressively so perhaps we will be lucky.  On the other hand, if he does sell for anywhere near his asking price that is positive for the value of our own place. 

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