Sunday, October 25, 2015


I suppose it was inevitable.  I’m glad I got the roof sheets all up yesterday.  There’s no ridge cap yet and it will have to wait until the sun burns the water off the roof.  The frozen water that is.  Fortunately I can do most of what is left to be done from the Genie lift.  I’ll still have to walk on the sheets to install the ridge cap but the gable trim should all be accessible from the Genie.

IMG_9206 IMG_9208 IMG_9211

It won’t last but it is a cold harbinger of what is to come.  I spent a while this morning looking at transfer switches and power cords.  The electrician hasn’t showed up to install a transfer switch and I refuse to beg anyone to take my money.  One of these days we’ll have a power outage and based on past experience, when the power goes out in Buchanan it stays out for a long time.  The generator has lived at the little house all summer but I need to get it moved back over here so that we are ready.  We can make coffee by running extension cords through the window but it would be nice to be able to run the furnace and the TV.  I’ve got those circuits all set up on a sub panel but I need to get the transfer switch and power cord installed so that I can feed the sub panel from the genset.

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