Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of pigs & polar caps

So how are they related? Well, if you believe hisownself the ex-President, the polar caps are about to make like the last of the icecubes in the bottom of your drink glass. And that's supposedly all our fault so we need to do everything in our power to reduce our dastardly emissions into the pristine atmosphere. Doing everything in our power gets translated into subsidizing the hell out of impossible technologies, like making fuel out of grain. That in turn drives the price of grain to unheard of heights which devastates the North American livestock industry. But its all for the greater good because we are preventing the loss of the icecaps, which is obviously our fault.

I had a vigorous back and forth email exchange with Kevin Hursh over the past 2 days concerning the future of the so-called bio-fuel industry. I initiated the exchange when I dismissed bio-fuel as a pipe dream to which Kevin responded that it wasn't really a pipe dream given that it consumed 3 billion bushels of US corn last year although he was prepared to concede that the industry was "government subsidized". To which I responded that it was more a case of "government maintained" than subsidized and time will tell just how sustainable that situation is. By which time it may be too late for the North American livestock industry.

Then tonight comes an email from my good friend Bryan St. George which included a reference to this website which is devoted to debunking the nonsense of global warming. Bryan's note included an excerpt from an essay by John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel wherein he attacks the pseudo-science of manmade global warming. Personally I don't really mind a bit of global warming - I'm hoping to experience some personal warming starting in about 3 weeks. Only 12 more sleeps until we start out on the great adventure.

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