Friday, November 2, 2007

what a moron!

Bob Fyfe was just on CTV talking about the new attack ads that the Torys are getting set to run. Surprise, surprise - they are going to show Stefan standing on the steps of the House of Commons telling us that he is going to raise the GST rate if Canadians should be stupid enough to make him PM. Thank goodness for the attack ads is all I can say. Most Canadians are too lethargic to pay attention to national affairs. They need to be told that the Libs have elected a moron for a leader. That way if they are stupid enough to elect him at least they were warned.

And the other big news for the day? Stock Day says "if you commit a crime in another country you should expect to face the music in that other country". No more running home to Canada's resort prisons. Good on ya Stock. I don't see any reason why we should feed and house perverts, pedophiles and murderers who run afoul of the law in some other country.

Its about time we had some common sense leadership and decisions coming out of Ottawa. Maybe that's the real reason the dollar is on a runaway trajectory - maybe the rest of the world has noticed that the leadership in Ottawa has a brain for a change.

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