Saturday, November 24, 2007

pretty busy last 2 weeks

I've been everywhere from Winnipeg to Red Deer - I am SO ready to leave here. We rolled out our NH3 training in Winnipeg 2 weeks ago this coming Monday, then went to Saskatoon the same week. A couple of days at home and then back out to Red Deer. The only good thing about the Red Deer trip was that I got to listen to Sask. beat B.C. while I was driving. It took me 5 hours to get to Saskatoon (should be 2.75 or 3 hours max) because the weather was so bad. And why is it that some moron always wants to start a parade when the highways get bad? I don't mind that someone gets out there and is scared stupid and wants to drive slow. What I mind is the idiot behind that person who hasn't got the balls to pass or the brains to stay back so someone else can pass.

I got back home late Wed and spent the end of the week cleaning up a farm business assessment file that needs to be done before we leave. And I got the bus out of the shop. That was a major project. We have close to 2 feet of snow in the yard. Denton came & plowed out in front of the shop but I still wasn't sure that I could get out. I seriously considered hanging the tire chains on the tires but fortunately talked myself out of that plan. It was pretty cold too so it took a little ingenuity to get the big diesel running but everything went off without a problem. I needed to take the bus to town to fill the propane & weld up a crack on the hitch. All that is done now & the bus is parked so that it is aimed at the highway. Only 4 more sleeps until we pull out.

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