Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas dinner

We're waiting for the crew from Guasave to arrive - its our turn to cook supper tonight. After 2 wonderful evening meals (la cena) in town we offered to cook a Canadian meal tonight. So we have a 15# turkey in the oven, getting ready to be the guest of honour later today. Along with some carrot/raisin salad, one of Marilyn's famous hairy salads and smashed potatoes with turkey gravy that should make a pretty typical Canadian Christmas dinner. Oh yes, we had some dried cranberries that I resurrected last night and that I think I have now persuaded to be cranberry sauce. Of course we have no idea whatsoever when our guests might arrive. They said they were coming in the early afternoon but that is rapidly becoming a non-possibility. They'll get here when they get here and CJ will get here about 4 hours later.

Its a miserably windy day here but that's not uncommon for Las Glorias. The bus thermometer says its 21 degrees outside and 28 degrees inside - thanks to the convection oven. I'll get some pictures of the Lopez Rodriguez Diaz clan up in the next couple of days.

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