Saturday, December 8, 2007

Update from Guaymas

We're running a day later than we expected. When we got to Nogales our travel buddies needed a day to get ready to actually cross the border - they had to buy propane, buy insurance, go to the post office, etc. We thought they might have had some of that done ahead of time but apparently not so we decided to wait a day for them. It was nice to have the day off although we would have liked to get on with it too.

On the way down to Nogales we stopped at Home Depot in Tucson to pick up some carpentry supplies for the mission in Navajoa. That turned into more of an adventure than I was planning for. The freeway in Tucson has been under construction for as long as we have been coming down here and that is going on 10 years now. Its absurd. They just don't seem to be able to get it together. Flagstaff's road system is a complete screwup, Tucson is perpetually under construction and Phoenix is probably my favorite city in North America to drive in. And they're all in the same state, within a 1/2 day's drive of each other.

When we got to Mi Casa in Nogales it was considerably fuller than we have seen in the past. Its a pretty down at the heels campground on its best days and it is looking pretty rough now. We probably won't stay there again. For all we got there we might as well have been on the parking lot at the Safeway on the south side of town.

Coming into Mexico yesterday was typical. They tried to make us back up in the pylons at the 1st border crossing. That wasn't going to happen. Then I got the stupidest person on the face of the earth to do my vehicle import papers. Fortunately there was a shift change. Marilyn got the import certificate for the bus and was waiting while doofus accomplished nothing. Then the shift change showed up so doofus shut down his computer and left. The new guy was as good as doofus was bad so I finally got the hologram. Carol was having a bit of trouble getting the certificate for their towed so we waited for her. Then when we got to the actual customs entry there was nobody there. They were all milling around a 1/2 ton over on the car entry side - we rolled through S L O W L Y but nobody seemed to care about us or the trucks rolling through with us so we kept on going.

I'm looking forward to getting to Nogales to get the moneypit washed off. The trucklet is covered with soot on both sides - the engine exhausts on the road side and the generator exhausts on the curb side so both sides of the towed vehicle get coated. There's a "car wash" right next to Dolisa that I have taken vehicles to in the past so we should be squeaky clean tonight.

Mama just got up and the sun is starting to peek over the horizon so it is time to do something useful.

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