Sunday, December 30, 2007

Paraiso Miramar

The name says it all. This is probably our favourite spot on the entire west coast. Its also probably as far south as we will go this trip. We rolled in here early yesterday morning after spending the night on the side of the road at a toll plaza. We had planned to spend the night in a Pemex fuel station but ended up on a really new stretch of toll road where there simply weren't any toll booths so, after running for about an hour in the dark decided to just stop for the night at the toll plaza. They're open 24 hours and well guarded so we felt pretty secure but it was NOISY. The old Dinas didn't come quite as often after dark but we still woke up plenty of times to the brap of their compression brakes as they slowed down and the grinding gears as they left the toll stop.

We're in a little courtyard behind a small hotel, right on the coast. About 150 feet outside the door we can sit on the seawall and watch the ocean. There's room for maybe 12 rigs here and there's about 6 of us here right now - mostly Canadians - us and some Quebecois. Yesterday there was a fiesta de boda (wedding) on the grass in front of the hotel. That didn't go as late as I expected but they alternated between playing Mexican polka music and some crap that I supposed is rap and it was all at about 200 decibels higher than I consider reasonable. We turned the TV right up as far as the volume would go and we could sort of hear a movie over the "music". But the the party broke up around 8:30 so that was OK.

This area around San Blas has a bad reputation for biters. They have mosquitoes and a little no-see-um that the locals call jejenes (hayhaynees). They don't seem too bad this year and they are never as bad here as in San Blas so we will likely stay here for a couple of weeks or maybe more. We even went so far as to meet with a local real estate agent yesterday. We'll see where that goes.

SWMBO just got up - more later.

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