Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the road again

We ended up staying two more nights at Humbug Mountain because somebody screwed up on the truck repair. The guys in the shop worked all weekend so they could have us on the road Monday. I had told them it didn't matter but evidently they wanted to work so they did and in theory we should have been mobile again around noon on Monday. The story was that somebody transposed 2 digits on the parts order so the stub axle that showed up was about 8" too short. It seems unlikely to me that transposing 2 digits in a part number would just coincidentally end actually being an axle so I'd say there's more story than what I got told. Whatever the cause, we weren't on the road yesterday. We decided that we were likely not going to get an early start today, even if everything went well, so we paid for another two nights. It really wasn't that hard a decision because this place is so beautiful and it is really cheap too.

We're trying to get our average nightly site cost down into the $12-15 range. Right now we're at just a little under $24 per night with everything in since we started on the road two years ago. We had our cost down to $19 per night when we bought the two campground memberships. The purchase cost of the memberships plus the costs to transfer them into our names pushed our average costs up but over time they will pay off. Going forward our cost on the Thousand Trails membership is $12 per night for the first 50 nights and $5 after that. The Holiday Trails is a bit harder to figure but it is a fixed cost of $500 annually with unlimited stays so it should easily be under $10 per night. This place is $12 per night so its a pretty good deal in the big scheme of things.

We have had a reservation at Morgan Hill, just outside San Jose, ever since we left BC. We've been moving it back as the various holdups in our travels have arisen. Right now we're rescheduled to arrive on Friday but that could still change. Leaving aside the possibility of additional disasters, we still have to get through San Franscisco in order to get to San Jose.

Now we're hooked up ready to hit the road at sunrise. I crawled under the frenchy-bus today and greased the front end that got missed when we were at Aidrie. I can't remember exactly why I didn't do the front end there - it may just have been that the weather was getting so bloody miserable that I didn't want to crawl underneath the bus.

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Reluctant Cowboy said...

Hope you have a good travel day!
Below 0 here for the next few nights. See what you're missing :)