Monday, March 1, 2010

Enough of this bullshit already

OlympicRings Anybody who knows me knows the disdain with which I hold the IOC.  If there is a more corrupt organization in the world it would be the UN but I think the IOC is firmly in gold medal position.  For the last 2 weeks every time we turned the TV on there was some damn fool yammering on about “own the podium”.  Now they’re on about how we failed to “own the podium” because we didn’t collect as many total medals as the US and somebody else.

So would they be happier if we had won 47 bronze medals and nothing else?  Gimme a break already.  In any other situation you weight the scoring.  When you are counting total points you don’t weight a win the same as a tie.  So why in hell would you weight a yellow medal the same as a brown one?  Its all bullshit anyway but if you are going to buy into the bullshit then at least do it right. 


Reluctant Cowboy said...

Don't really care about counts but the Hockey final was great and of course the NHL is talking that this will be their players last Olympic. So take your pick the IOC and NFL heads still don't know what really counts.

So the snow is melting you going to be heading north soon?

Stay safe

Jorgito's dad said...

Your guys should have won it in the 3rd period. Our guys looked pretty tentative for the 3rd and spent way too much time playing in front of their own net. Louie kept them in it. They must have got a lecture in the dressing room because they came out firing on all cylinders in OT.

We're keeping an eye on the thermometer - probably start heading north early next week.