Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What’s with all the daffodils?

This area claims to be famous for tulips but everywhere we look there’s daffodils.  And they don’t seem to be picking them for flowers so I’m not sure what the hell that’s about. 

Marilyn commented on how her eyes kept playing tricks on her – she sees a yellow field and her brain thinks its canola.  It doesn’t have that effect on me – the colour is more like mustard than canola but there’s sure a lot of it.  If they planned to pick them for the cut flower market they’re a little late so I’m guessing that these fields must be for bulb multiplication. 

So far we have seen exactly zero tulips.  Despite seeing signs for them everywhere and despite following the so-called “tulip way” today.  More daffodils but no tulips.

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