Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going doty about birds

Normally Jorgito is in charge of bird watching in the frenchy-bus.  We can always tell when he is on the trail of another bird because we can hear the thwap-thwap of his tail.  Either birds must be REALLY stupid or wild cats must learn to control their tails. 

IMG_2869 Somewhere along the way Marilyn picked up a hummingbird feeder.  We’ve had a variety of them in the past and it always seemed to me that it took the silly little buggers a long time to find the feeder.  So I wasn’t optimistic that they would ever find ours since we move every couple of weeks.  Somehow they seem to be managing though.  Both here and in Quartzsite we have had pretty regular customers at our feeding station. 

Our current feeder doesn’t hold much but it is still surprising how fast the little devils can empty it.  George doesn’t seem to recognize them as birds.  He is mildly interested in them but doesn’t get excited about them the way he does for sparrows.  And they clearly don’t perceive him as even the slightest threat.  When they are feeding they are often less than 18 inches away from his nose pressed up against the corner of the windshield. 

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