Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OMIGAWD it might be over

The media is reporting that the well killing operation in the gulf is working.  This is on top of the reports for the last couple of weeks that the cap that BP put on the well was also working.  Any sane person would have said that with a cap bolted on the well and the oil being pumped to the surface it was time to quit and get on with life.  After all – isn’t that how wells work?  You drill a hole, hook up some pipe and start pumping oil.  In all likelihood the capped well had more security and safety measures in place than 90% of the rest of the wells in the gulf that are still producing.

Instead BP has been compelled to kill the well and they have done that and that appears to be working too.  So what’s the chosen one to do now?  He’s been enjoying the image that his government was clamping down hard on the evil foreign oil company but the evil foreign oil company has done everything they were asked to do and done it successfully.   Now with over 3/4 of the leaked oil either mopped up or evaporated and the beaches for the most part clean its going to be hard to continue to use BP as a diversion from the rest of O’s disastrous record.

oilspillThe biggest problem the O-administration has now is that all those gulf fishermen have fallen in love with their new government paycheques.  Skimming oil pays better than fishing and its regular income.  You don’t have to find those pesky fish in order to get paid, just go out every day, drive around looking for oil, come home and get paid.  Its going to be hard to wean them off that system without at least some of them getting mad at the government.


The Rambler said...

OK, I got it, you hate the USA. So how about talking about Canada for a while.

Jorgito's dad said...

I'm not sure where that came from or how he got from me saying that the crisis in the gulf might be over to me hating the US. Tommy Bentham told me a long time ago to listen to even the dullest of fools because one time in a hundred I might learn something from them. So in the spirit of the other 99 times I'll post the comment, no matter how dead wrong it may be.