Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is a pretty good gig

Actually ………. this is an AWESOME gig. 

Today we left Miles City around noon.  I finished up the USDA installation despite the best efforts of USDA’s security drones.  In order to bypass some of the security bullshit we bought one of those Verizon internet sticks that plugs into the USB port.  That enabled us to take their computer off their internet connection and get the client software that we needed installed.  What I never expected though is that the little Verizon dongle works north of the 49th. 

After I got done at USDA I still had to package up the Growsafe tools and equipment that they keep in the US and ship it off to Havre where we expect the next project will happen.  At the same time I had a fairly sizeable shipment of defective parts to send back to Airdrie.  By the time I got through all that it was noon so we were a little late getting away from our campground but they didn’t seem to mind.

Then we headed north for Raymond/Regway and arrived at the border around 5:00.  For the second time in a row we had a relatively uneventful crossing.  Marilyn thought for sure she would get called inside to pay duty on the 5 litre box of wine she was importing.  She had also bought a bottle of Baileys and I had a token amount of beer but I guess the guy didn’t want to do the paper so he just waved us through.  He actually had to come outside and move some orange traffic cones so that we could get out of his little booth.

We only went about 10 miles north of the border and then turned west on a goat trail headed for Coronach.  I’ve got about 30 Palliser Farmland files to complete in the next two weeks so I got started right away tonight with a bunch of land near Big Beaver.  The land I was looking at tonight is in Range 1 so none of it was more than 6 miles from the US border.  Some of it is on Section 4, 5 and 6 so that puts it not close to but ON the US border. 

We found a spot on top of a hill with a view to die for and just parked there for the night.  I looked at about 10 quarters before it got dark and made an appointment with one of the tenants for coffee in the morning.  Then I plugged in the Verizon dongle and discovered that it works.  It don’t get much better than this.

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