Sunday, August 22, 2010

Still raining

It rains wherever we go.  It even rained in Nipawin while we had the windshields out.  Not much mind you but it rained nevertheless.

Marv got our windshields changed and I think he actually got them sealed up so they no longer leak.  The original glass that was in the bus when we bought it leaked and when Robbie at P.A. Northern replaced it that glass also leaked but based on our travels today it looks like Marv’s glass is leakless.  Time will tell and this bloody rainy summer will certainly give us lots of chance to test it.

After we got the glass in we hung around Nipawin waiting for a tire to arrive at O.K.Tire.  It still wasn’t there at noon on Friday so I finally had to pull the pin in order to be in Saskatoon in time for a haircut.  I’ve had the same woman cutting my hair for over 30 years now and I’m not really interested in training a new one.  She won’t commit to how much longer she will cut it so we’re kind of going haircut by haircut now but so far she hasn’t made any retirement plans.

We weren’t 20 miles out of Nipawin on the way to Saskatoon before we took a rock dead centre in the driver’s windshield.  There’s a couple of patched spots on the road between Nipawin and Tisdale and we had the misfortune to meet a Grade A asshole driving a Super B right smack in the middle of that stretch.  I was pretty well stopped by the time he got to us but he was going as hard as he could and he threw a great bloody rock right square at me.  I even saw it coming but there was bugger all I could do to avoid it.  I’d have cheerfully throttled the miserable prick if I could have caught him but instead I pulled onto the parking lot at the mall in Tisdale and did a pretty good repair.  There’s still a little bit of a spot visible but its about the size of a pinhead so its not too noticeable. 

Yesterday we drove down to Regina to visit father.  He looked pretty good – bruised a bit from his frequent skydiving episodes but otherwise healthy.  He wakes up and thinks he needs to get up to do something – lord knows what – so he proceeds to get out of bed and of course lands on his beak.  He hasn’t been able to walk reliably for several years now and hasn’t been able to walk at all for the past year but he conveniently forgets that.  Wascana doesn’t want to restrain him but they are really struggling to come up with any other alternatives.  They’ve got a gym pad beside his bed now for him to land on.  Yesterday they had elevated his feet for his nap.  I suspect that was so that it was harder for him to get sitting up which would be the necessary first step to crawling out of bed.

Today we headed west with a stop in Alsask on the way out of the province.  I had 6 quarters of land to look at which I did wearing my rubber boots because it was pissing rain the whole time we were there.  Then it cleared up while we drove to Drumheller and then socked in for a good old fashioned thunderstorm while we were setting up.

This place is another of our Holiday Trails membership parks.  It doesn’t look like much when you arrive but its one of the nicer places we have ever stayed.  Even when the storm was blowing this afternoon I had the awning out because we are so well sheltered under all the trees.  Its still pretty full with summer campers but I expect they will start leaving tomorrow because the little cake snatchers have to be back in school pretty soon now.

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