Thursday, October 28, 2010

My former premier

…. was on the news today proclaiming some new BC initiative designed mainly to bolster his failing ratings.  In the course of the news conference he committed to having all Grade 4 students actually meet the requirements for Grade 4 before they advance to Grade 5.  Presumably this will happen sometime in the future – I didn’t pay that close attention to know when this miraculous transformation is supposed to occur.

Last ditch effort to rebuild the polling numbers.

I can remember Grade 4.  I took it from Mrs. Lowell Simpson in the NW corner of the elementary school on main street in Shellbrook, several years ago now.  In Grade 4 there were just 2 classrooms.  By Grade 8 I remember that there were three classrooms and one of those was clearly labeled as 8C.  The “C” stood for more than just the fact that they were the 3rd group.  They were clearly the scholastic underachievers and everybody knew that.  But in Grade 4 there were only 2 rooms and we all knew that some of our companions weren’t going to advance to Grade 5.

That’s the problem today.  Nobody wants to admit that there are stupid people in our midst.  Everybody has to be accepted, regardless of how foolish, stupid or dangerous their views may be to the rest of us.  When a premier of a province thinks its newsworthy to aspire to having Grade 4 students meet Grade 4 standards then there is truly no hope for the rest of us.

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