Friday, October 22, 2010

Screw me once, shame on you ………..

………….. screw me twice, shame on me.

Marilyn left for Saskatoon this morning.  She and three of her high school girlfriends periodically get together for a drunken weekend in the city.  The last time they did this they went to Edmonton to see some singer whose name I don’t remember.  So its just me and George until Monday night.

Yesterday Marilyn and I went to Regina to pick up our mail and visit father.  We had a lot of mail, including a collection of things that I have bought off ebay over the last few weeks.  I’ve got a couple of upgrade projects planned for the bus and most of the necessary components were sitting at UPS in Regina.  Today I went to Yorkton to pick up the miscellaneous parts I need to install the stuff we picked up yesterday. 

The two major projects are to get a sewer macerator set up so we can pump our sewer into the drain in the house and to hook up a flat plate heat exchanger so we can heat our hot water off the engine coolant when we are travelling.  I’ve got some other minor projects to do in conjunction but those are the two major ones.  Today I mainly needed an assortment of plumbing fittings to hook up the sewer and water connections.

sb_push_fit_group Since buying the Buchanan house I have discovered “Sharkbite” PEX fittings.  And I love them.  I had used PEX occasionally in the past but the crimp fittings are kind of a pain and they are irreversible.  If you make a mistake there’s nothing to be done short of cutting them out and starting over.  The Sharkbites are expensive but they are a cut above any of the other reusable fittings that I have tried.  You need to buy the little tool to release them but once you have that its a pretty simple way to put water lines together and if you make a mistake or change your mind its a simple matter to change the plumbing too.  There’s some other reusable PEX systems but their fittings are huge clumsy cludges compared to the Sharkbite fittings.

I left money at Canadian Tire, NAPA, Peavy Mart, Home Hardware and some privately owned plumbing shop in Yorkton.  I won’t ever be going back to the plumbing shop.  The Sharkbite elbows that I bought at Home Hardware were 7 bux but the plumbing shop thought they were worth $12.  I wouldn’t have bought them but I needed them and Home Hardware didn’t have enough.  But I won’t be back.  NAPA thought their heater hose was worth $5.70 per foot but I decided I had been done once today and I wasn’t really interested in repeating the experience.

And I walked away from the Canadian Tire parts counter in disgust.  The idiot there couldn’t figure out which brake shoes would fit the cube van despite the fact that she had big ones and little ones and we had already established that our van is the heavier of two GVWs produced for that model.  When I told her it would be the bigger ones and she told me that wasn’t necessarily true I realized that I was dealing with a complete idiot and simply walked away.

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