Friday, October 8, 2010

Occasionally we stay in a real dump

………. but not very often and certainly not this week.  We started the week in Lethbridge at one of our Holiday Trails member parks and then moved mid-week to Lacombe.  As near as I can tell we’re in the town park.  Its called Roland Michener park and it includes a ball diamond, skate park and some Rotary park that I haven’t driven through yet.  This morning Marilyn walked over to the last farmers’ market of the season and came home with an armload of fresh vegetables and fruit.

So Lethbridge and Lacombe have been pretty pleasant.  Havre on the other hand was an out and out dump.  I enjoyed the guys at the North Ag Research Centre (NARC) and the NARC facility is a historic gem but the Havre campground was worse than forgettable.  North of the border the Lethbridge research station was everything that Havre campground was.  I don’t think its any accident that Lacombe is one of the shining lights in Ag Canada’s list of research stations and Lethbridge is a forgettable footnote.  I won’t say any more other than that I’m really enjoying the time I’m spending at Lacombe this week.

It looks like we’ll spend a couple more days here and then head east for Buchanan.  I’m waiting on parts right now but there’s a strong chance they will arrive tomorrow.  We’ve got a bit of a breather now before we go to Wyoming and then over to the left coast so we’ll use that time to get the house winterized.  We got new shingles on the south side of it last week so we should probably go home and inspect the work too.

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