Monday, May 30, 2011

Smilin’ Jack exposed

I guess its not worthy of note to say that politicians occasionally say one thing and mean something else.  Nor in Canada is it noteworthy when a pol says something in Quebec and something else for English consumption.  But Smilin’ Jack is starting to slip in his own shit and it could cost us all a lot of money or perhaps the country as we know it. 

The federal NDP are used to saying whatever nonsense springs to their feeble minds because it really never mattered.  As the official opposition though people are starting to pay attention to the verbal diarrhea that pours out of Jack’s mouth and not surprisingly it doesn’t add up.  There’s better minds than mine writing about this subject but in a nutshell Jack’s Quebec lies come down to 2 specific items:

Inside Quebec Jack points to the NDP’s Sherbrooke declaration which states that the Quebec National Assembly has the sole authority to write any secession referendum question and that 50% plus one vote will be sufficient to pass that question. 

Outside Quebec Jack tries to profess that the NDP will adhere to the Supreme Court/Parliamentary Clarity Act.  Parliament passed the act following the last referendum in Quebec and then referred it directly to the Supreme Court for a judicial opinion.  That act will show up on a Google search but effectively it says that parliament needs to sign off on any referendum question and that the question will only pass with something more than 50% plus one – likely 60% but the Supremes left some wiggle room on that too based on the percent of the population that votes in the referendum.

I don’t think the average Quebecois really wants to leave Canada.  As long as I can remember Quebec has done pretty well by blackmailing the rest of us with the threat of separation.  It’s a dangerous game though when the leader of the official opposition fuels the separation fires with lying rhetoric. 

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