Friday, May 6, 2011

Wingnuts incorporated

For some reason CBC has been focusing on the rapturists today.  Right now there’s some loony tune babbling on about how the world is coming to an end imminently.  On any given day I’d be inclined to agree with him to the extent of saying that it is going to hell in a handbasket but I’m disinclined to believe that some western-centric deity is about to dissolve us all.  And coming on the heels of this week’s election I’m more sanguine about our possibilities.

If you’re seriously worried though here’s an idea: most of us know somebody somewhere else in the world.  I for example have a brother in law living in Tokyo.  Since its already tomorrow there, were I inclined to believe that some calamity was about to befall the world tomorrow, I could simply phone Brad to see if it had.

Me and the cat are wifeless this week while Marilyn returns to the prairies to rustle up some work.  I’ve been putting my time to good use getting messy boat projects out of the way.  Our new anchor doesn’t stow properly in the old bow roller but I have a solution in progress.  I bought a nice shiny stainless bracket with a roller in it and if the bloody rain will ever quit falling I’ll get it bolted down on the deck.  When I’m all done we’ll be able to carry the nice shiny CQR anchor on the old roller and the new Sarca over top of it on the new roller.  Today I got the holes drilled and then immediately filled them up with epoxy paste in the hope that the resin will soak into the surrounding wood so that when I drill it out again I won’t have edge grain exposed to water.  No matter how miserable it may be tomorrow I’ll get it mounted.

This afternoon I also got a ground wire run from the bow thruster to the mid-hull zinc plates.  I’m worried about how rapidly the zinc on the bow thruster eroded.  I tested the wiring with my multi-meter and it tested OK but there has to be something going on there.  The voltages are tiny which means that the currents and resistances are also miniscule so perhaps I just don’t have a good enough meter to measure what I was trying to measure.  Whatever the situation I now have a straight run of #8 AWG wire directly from the bow thruster case to the mid-hull zincs.  Once SWMBO gets dive certified I’ll send her down to have a look but until then I’ll just have to hope its OK.

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