Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back at Waskesiu

All the years we were rained out at Candle Lake we always wished we had stayed at Waskesiu.  Last summer stopped in at Candle Lake for a visit, had a rainout and came over here.  This year we bypassed the rainout and came straight to Waskesiu.  In fairness we would have gone to Candle Lake but Doug and Jo were out fishing when we phoned so we came here instead.  It feels weird being here without the boat but its pretty nice to be back even if we are boatless.

I guess some genius in Parks Canada decided that “The Trailer Park” was too descriptive a name so we are now in “Red Deer”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.  Monday morning the place cleared out as the holiday weekend crew left and then a few newcomers arrived but its still pretty empty.  We had planned to move to Nipawin on Tuesday but the day dawned so nice that we decided to stay an extra night. 

We’ve got a lot of happy memories of summers at Waskesiu.  When the kids were young we spent a lot of summer time either at Waskesiu or at Mara Lake.  When we were here with the kids we always stayed in Beaver Glen because we could have fires over there but that campground is really better suited to tents or at least much smaller rigs than what we have now.  We used to shoehorn the fifth wheel into the sites over there and then the kids would pack fresh water in pails to keep the tank full but we really prefer the open tree cover in the trailer park  Red Deer.  From here we can walk into the village for tea in front of the store.  Our rule has always been that we will sit and sip our tea until somebody we know comes along for a visit.  Occasionally we get skunked but usually somebody comes along and so far on this trip we have been able to visit with somebody each time we have gone for tea.  Marilyn still has some high school friends up here so she has been reconnecting with them too.



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