Saturday, September 3, 2011

International bacon day and other assorted weirdness

Apparently today – Saturday – is International Bacon Day.  As a long time fan of bacon consumption I am strongly supportive of the concept.  I try to eat bacon for breakfast at least 5 times a week.  Some fools might tell you that is an unhealthy choice given our family history of high blood pressure and heart disease but ……………

Last week I went to see Dr. Dan to get my prescriptions renewed.  I take something called Vaseretic which is supposed to lower my blood pressure and Lipitor which is supposed to lower my cholesterol level.  Many years ago Dr. Steve told me my cholesterol levels were “slightly elevated”.  He followed that up by saying that I shouldn’t worry because “we can control that with diet.”  “Like hell we can” sez I cuz I knew damn sure he wouldn’t be anywhere to be seen at breakfast time.  “Bring on the drugs”.  So he did and we did and here we are many years later with me visiting Dr. Dan to replenish my drug supply.  I like to carry at least 6 months supply so I never have to be in a panic to get a prescription filled so there was no big urgency but we were in Saskatoon and had some time so I went to see the Dr. 

He checked my blood pressure and it came out something like 100 over 65 which is really good.  When we got all done he told me he was cutting my meds in half which seemed like a good outcome.  I like to think of it as me getting healthier and it definitely is not the result of cutting back my meat intake.  I’m at the top of the food chain and damn proud of it.  And of all the meats bacon is likely my fav.  So I’m a big fan of International Bacon day, even though I never heard of it until about 10 minutes ago.

Continuing our walk on the weird side, how about that Lonechild guy?  For those of you who don’t follow Saskatchewan Indian politics closely (or at all) first off, my hat’s off to you but to quickly bring you up to speed Guy Lonechild is the (former) chief of the FSIN (Federation of Sask Indian Nations).  He got to be former chief when his board unceremoniously and illegally dumped him.  We know it was illegal because he took them to court and the judge said it was illegal.  The day the judgement came down he showed up at the FSIN office only to discover that his key didn’t work.  Apparently he made a lot of Indian enemies by insisting on things like due process in FSIN business deals and by appointing people with educational experience to the board of the First Nations University.  Associations that run on business procedures and universities that are run by educators – OMIGOD no wonder he got canned. 

Most of the other chiefs evidently prefer the old arrangement where they get paid non-stop mileage charges for driving those bright red Dodge pickups we keep buying for them and get paid per diems to sit on boards that they are unqualified for.  For one whole day the media was filled with praise for Lonechild’s brave stand against generations of corrupt Indian governance.

Fortunately the story had a happy ending.  It turns out that the price of Lonechild’s principles was exactly $250,000.  Everybody is buddy-buddy again, the FSIN bank account is $250k lighter and Lonechild has enough money to buy 5 new pickups.  Life is good with the small niggling concern that the Province of Saskatchewan would like some assurance that the million dollars they just recently gave FSIN didn’t help buy off Lonechild.

The past couple of weeks we have been on the move regularly.  We’ll slow down a bit for a few days now.  We spent most of this week in Regina so we were able to have several good visits with father.  His brain continues to wander but his body is in really good condition.  Physically he is probably in better condition than he was when he went into the black hole called Dove House.  He seems to have finally lost the urge to walk so he is no longer covered with bruises from crawling out of bed.  That has to be a huge relief for the Wascana staff – it certainly is for us.

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