Monday, September 5, 2011

We’ll see ………….

I love the story of Charlie Wilson’s war.  Those of you who haven’t heard/read the story should at least see the movie and if you want the whole story then you need to read the book.  There’s a wonderful story buried in the movie about the boy and the zen master.  I’ll paraphrase it here:

A young boy in the community goes out for a walk and a pony follows him home.  The boy tames the pony and raises it.  The whole village says “What wonderful luck and good fortune this boy possesses!” The zen master says “We’ll see”.

After a while the boy starts to ride the pony and one day while he is out riding the pony falls on the boy, breaking his leg and hip in several places.  The whole village bemoans his fate saying “What terrible fortune has befallen this boy!” but the zen master says “We’ll see”.

Shortly after the accident the village declares war on the neighbouring village and all the young men go off to fight but the boy with the pony is still recovering from his fall so he stays home.  The whole village says “What wonderful luck for you” but the zen master says …………

So when I hear what glorious things are happening in Libya and how the good times are about to roll for Libyans all I can think is “we’ll see ………….”

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