Monday, November 28, 2011


Its about bloody time.  We’ve been party to the Kyoto charade ever since Gene-the-cretin bound us to it.  Finally someone has the balls to say the emperor has no clothes.  Nobody adheres to the targets, nobody believes they would make any difference if they did adhere to the targets and the biggest carbon emitters in the world don’t even pretend that they will be party to the whole stupid mess. 

Of course ElizabethIdiotMay is predictably apoplectic.  And I’m sure there’s a parade of greenies lined up alongside her being equally outraged.  I say it’s a breath of fresh air.  Finally somebody is calling it like it is. 

I don’t honestly know whether the world needs carbon emission reductions.  Maybe it does – maybe it doesn’t.  One thing I know for damn sure – the Kyoto agreement never had hope one of changing the world’s carbon emissions.  If it really matters then maybe now our leaders can sit down and talk honestly about emission reductions.  That for sure couldn’t happen under the Kyoto framework so if our government has the balls to say enough, I say good for them.  Hallelujah for them in fact.


RJ said...

In more important news. The glorious leaders have finally stripped off the chains of the board and let their producers go!

Jorgito's dad said...

OMG. Has your uncle's farm collapsed in ruin? There's no future for youngsters such as yourself without big brother to protect you. Woe is us!!