Thursday, November 10, 2011

It’s good to have a plan

We’ve lived the last month with no certainty about where we were going the next week.  We’ve literally had one day (or less) notice on some of our destinations so it was a great relief yesterday morning to get final confirmation that we were going to Texas.  We might actually have preferred confirmation that we were NOT going to Texas because that would have meant we were going back to the boat sooner but either way it was nice to finally have some certainty back in our schedule.

In theory at least, the client in Texas will be ready for me on Dec. 5th.  We have agreed to take 3 weeks off and we’re going to use that time to visit some friends in Albuquerque and then relax in one of our Thousand Trails preserves west of Austin.  There may actually be another project at Texas A & M but that won’t likely happen until after the Navasota project.  College Station (Texas A & M) is just down the road from Navasota so it works out well.

Right now we’re in the upper left hand corner of the top of Texas.  We cut across the Oklahoma panhandle this morning, now we’ve got a bit of Texas to get across and then we’ll be in New Mexico.  It could just as easily be southwest Saskatchewan or southeast Alberta, definitely cow-calf country. 

Now that Texas is firmly in our future we can start seriously planning our flooring renovation in the bedroom.  Only a fool would put carpet in an RV and this one was built by a pair of fools.  Eventually we’ll get rid of all the carpet but the highest priority right now is the bedroom and hallway because that is where condensation has raised hell with the underlay.  The winter we spent in the Pacific Northwet was hard on the bedroom area and we’ve been procrastinating fixing it ever since. 

Right now we’ve got the carpet on my side of the bed ripped out to the subfloor and the rest of it will come out as soon as we’re somewhere where we know that we can get everything dried out thoroughly.  Then it will get several coats of Kilz paint and finally it will get something other than carpet for flooring.  We’ve gone around and around on what we will actually put down and we won’t likely know for sure what we’re going to do until we are driving home from Lowes or Home Depot.  One thing is for sure though – it won’t be carpet.


Fisher and Staff said...

George we are so happy to hear from you and your family. We are going to hit the road too. Lots of planning going on and we don't have a vehicle yet, all will come together in about six months.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell don't you answer our phone call. What are you doing and where are you going anyway! Plan to leave for Havasu Dec. 30, any chance you may be in the neighbor? Wishing you a Merry Christmas. David & Elaine. PS Hugs to George