Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nanoo nanoo

Many times we have come close to Roswell and many times we have drove on by but today we fulfilled one of Marilyn’s bucket list items. 

Tonight we’re sitting on the parking lot of the Roswell Walmart.  It’s a lot cheaper here than where we were the last two nights – the KOA on the east side of Albuquerque.  We generally avoid KOA like the plague.  I can’t remember when we last stayed in one but it was likely with the 5th wheel.  However we made an exception this time because a couple of friends are living there while they do some home renovation.  Marilyn bought a bunch of books online and had them shipped to Albuquerque so the trip was a combination of picking up books and visiting.  It’s a major saving to have stuff shipped to a US address – often the shipping is free or at least very inexpensive.  Shipping to Canada on the other hand usually starts at $25 and goes way up from there.

The Walmart is right next door to a Sam’s Club which happens to be serving up free wi-fi so that’s pretty convenient for us tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll point the bus east toward San Antonio and Houston but I’m sure we won’t get all the way to our Thousand Trails destination at Lake Medina.  We used to routinely do 1200 km days and often many more but lately breaking 500 km in a day is a pretty big day for us and I can’t say I mind that.  One time we did the trip from Nipawin to Las Vegas in 2 days and change.  I did all the driving and we ran over 1800 km in one day.  Its hard to believe that I was ever capable of that.  Now after I get the first pot of tea into me I’m looking for a rest area so I can have a nap.

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