Sunday, July 22, 2012

A pretty spot at the end of a wonderful weekend

We’re parked tonight in the Arm River rest area which is just north of #11 highway on the east side of #2 highway.

Map picture

We spent a wonderful weekend with about a dozen of my classmates from the Agro Class of ‘79.  We got together for a 10 year reunion and some subset of about 15 couples has been getting together the third weekend in July ever since.  This weekend I think we had 13 couples showed up.  One of our group have just become grandparents and another couple is close behind so I guess we’re all about to enter a new phase. 

Everybody slowly drifted away today and we hung out until absolutely nobody was left.  That was pretty well the only way we could get out but it was no hardship.  We were in a pretty tight group site at Palliser Regional Park and it was just a whole lot easier to move the frenchy-bus once everyone else had left. 


Last night we rented the local pontoon boat for our version of a booze cruise.  The tour started at 6:00 and we got fed steaks not too long after we got onboard.  Evidently the cruises have been known to go on past midnight if bar sales are brisk but we must not have been drinking enough because we were back on land before 10:00.  Which was plenty long enough as far as I was concerned.  We were cruising on a the reservoir behind Gardiner Dam which was completed in 1967 and is still one of the largest earthen dams in the world.  Lake Diefenbaker was formed in the old river valley and as southern Saskatchewan lakes go, I’m sure its just a fine lake, but its still a southern Saskatchewan lake.  Which means there’s not much other than bald ass prairie to look at along the shoreline.  So four hours of that briefly interrupted to eat a steak was plenty.

In addition to the steak though we were treated to some homegrown entertainment.  There’s a couple of members of our group that provide pretty well non-stop entertainment and this year was no exception.


We haven’t been the most regular attendees at our reunion weekend and we’ll probably miss next year which will be more of a loss to us than the rest of the group.  We’re a pretty good bunch and its hard to believe that its close to 40 years now since we all first met. 

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