Thursday, July 12, 2012

More of the same

I’m sorry – if I don’t write about bus painting I’ve got nothing to write about.  It feels like that’s all I’ve been doing for months but I think its only weeks. 


I got Marilyn to take a few pictures with my camera earlier this week while I was shooting the silver on the roadside.  The weather has been pretty well ideal so I have been pushing to get it done.  Its hot but if I get the paint on before noon its not too hot and we usually have a slight breeze to keep the buggers at least confused if not completely away. 


Neighbour Michael figured the pattern on the tape looked good enough to leave.  Its actually kind of fun on the final day.  It starts out being mainly brown paper and tape.  Then it gets to the stage in the picture above and then everything gets revealed when the masking comes off.  The paint I am using cures so fast that I have been putting 2 coats on, peeling the masking off and immediately shooting 2 coats of clear.  That’s if I have the energy for all that.  I tend to wilt by noon and sometimes I have a bit of a nap after lunch which seriously cuts into my productivity.


Today I started putting some of the clearance lights back on so that feels like I’m getting close to done.  The front is taking a long time.  I did the graphics on the forehead at the same time I did the bits over the ticket window and entry door but the lower portions are taking longer.  The beige guck on the bottom behind the bumper is rocker guard.  Its some kind of rubber in a can that I hope will reduce the shot blasting that area takes. I’ve also got some ideas for graphics between the headlights.  I keep changing my mind about exactly how it will end up but by tomorrow night I should have something finalized.  

I also still have the window trim (black) to paint.  We were in Yorkton earlier this week so I went to York Auto Supply to get some black single stage paint.  I expected that to turn into an ordeal and I wasn’t disappointed.  One of my early sales calls many years ago was on that place – they were assholes then, the same asshole still owns the place and they’re still assholes now.  But I didn’t have any choice – they are also the only game in town if I want genuine body shop supplies.  I already had a can of Tremclad black but I had decided the work I have invested already warranted something a little better than that.

Me: “I want some single stage black paint.”

Idiot behind the counter: “What code?”

Me: “Black.”

I.B.T.C.: “There’s hundreds of different blacks.”

Me: (thinking “hundreds” might be an exaggeration) “I just need a gloss black.”

I.B.T.C.: (gesturing) “She does all our paint mixing.”

“She” seemed to have a functioning brain – I can only assume she concealed that during her employment interview.  She said that XXX code was what “they” usually used and I agreed that was likely a good colour.  I have no idea what it looks like but I assume it is black.  It’s a whole new chemistry set compared to what I have been using because it is PPG Paint and what I have been using was Sherwin Williams.  The black is also single stage and what I have been using is base/clear.  I read somewhere that single stage paints are for more experienced painters which I guess I are now.  I’m definitely more experienced than I was 2 weeks ago.


Reluctant Cowboy said...

Looking great!


Jorgito's dad said...

Hey Skip if I can do it there's no excuse for you waiting.

Reluctant Cowboy said...

Putting in the rest of the cabinets this weekend. Starting on water, sewer, propane and oh changing out the turbo. Taking it to Idaho ho next week so I better get busy.

I may have to wait on painting for when I get windows that don't leak :)

The real question is; with what you know now would you do the painting again?


Jorgito's dad said...

Absolutely I would do it again. I ended up with good tools and a paint job for less than 1/2 the cheapest price I could have obtained by taking it to Mexico and that's not counting the cost of getting to Mexico. It took about 3X as long as I initially thought it would but part of that was inexperience. A good part of it though is that there just is a LOT of work involved. I could do better the next time. If you get serious about doing yours let me know and we'll come down for a week to get you started.

Reluctant Cowboy said...

In the puritan sense it sounds fun all that hard work etc. Shooting for next summer to paint. I'll check the weather to see when a good week will be. ;)

(Turbo not bad.....engine rebuild this winter:( )

Can't wait to see your handy work