Saturday, July 28, 2012


Anybody who grew up listening to the radio in Saskatchewan has heard:

Transmitting on a frequency of five hundred and forty kilohertz powered at 50 thousand watts ……..

My grandmother always referred to CBK 540 simply as “Watrous”.  I thought they had lost their transmitter tower – in fact I’m sure it did blow down several years ago – but they must have rebuilt it because there’s a very tall stick behind the radio shack. 


This week we’ve been staying at Manitou Regional Park and I have driven by the old studio every day on my way to Lanigan.  It doesn’t look like much happens there anymore but there was a car parked on the approach one afternoon – a technician checking something I assume. 


We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this bulletin from the US presidential election race:

Obama’s famous quote that small businessmen aren’t responsible for their own success is creating quite a stir.  Whether it will gain enough traction to derail his floundering campaign remains to be seen.  But there was an interesting comment on one of the posts at Small Dead Animals that got me thinking.  If government is ultimately responsible for small business success then who is responsible for small business failure?  Its common knowledge that most small businesses fail.  So are their owners absolved of responsibility for that failure?  Where’s the compensation when they lose their life savings or their homes due to pursuing their dream?  If those rare occasions where they succeed are due to Obama’s governmental largesse then when can we expect to see him take responsibility for the ones that fail?

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