Monday, September 3, 2012

Dumb and dumber

Apparently there’s a pair of fools who have driven their tractor from Ontario to BC dragging some kind of shack on a wagon – sort of a slow moving agricultural RV for want of a better description.  I’m not sure what the purpose of this grand adventure was supposed to be.  They managed to cross three provinces without me becoming aware of their travels and I think I’m safe to bet that you hadn’t heard about them either.  CTV just alluded to some grand message regarding farming but either they weren’t too clear what the message was or they just didn’t care to devote enough time to the story to make the message clear.  Either way it appears that all this foolish pair has accomplished is to have a very slow look at western Canada and no doubt wear the lugs down on their tractor tires.  Nothing wears out tractor lugs like running in road gear on pavement.

But wait – the story gets even dumber.  Now that they have entered BC, AKA the land of Canadian fruits and nuts, somebody has finally noticed their travels.  That somebody being the gummit of BC.  Apparently BC thinks they should have a slow moving pilot car join their parade.  This makes no sense whatsoever to me.  Absent the pilot car we’ve got a slow moving farm vehicle to get by on the highway.  No big deal – it happens fairly regularly in the summer in BC.  If the BC gummit gets its way though the parade will be lengthened by maybe 100 yards and now all of a sudden its not so simple to get by it. 

Perhaps if we were talking about some 500 HP 4 wheel drive prairie behemouth dragging an overwidth attachment behind it I could see BC’s concern.  But this foolish twosome has one of those baby-toy tractors that acreage owners like to buy.   I found a picture online of their rig but I don’t recognize the tractor.  Whatever they’re towing looks like a mobile outhouse.  Most of the time they can probably fit on the shoulder of the highway so motorists likely pass them before they even realize there’s anybody there.  I’m really glad we aren’t BC residents anymore.  I think stupidity can be contagious.

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