Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home again

I’m back in Regina after an extended trip to Missouri.  I was working pretty hard while I was down south so didn’t get around to posting anything other than my brief rant about Mohammedanism run amok.  I did manage to work in a visit with Michael Hargis at his RV park outside Dixon, Missouri.  It looks a lot different now than it did when I was there this spring.  Michael has been working really hard to get the park in shape and his effort shows in the rebuilt restaurant, the light stand for the outdoor stage and the rebuilt pull through sites.

Much as I enjoyed seeing Michael, it was really good to get home again.  Particularly so because I think I’ll be able to stay put for a couple of weeks now.  I’ve got several projects underway that I need to clean up but nothing that will take me long distances away from Regina.  In fact I doubt I’ll have more than maybe one or two overnights away from here until mid-October.  I’ve got a trip to Nebraska in October and after that I hope to get out to the boat for an extended period.

Today I tried to get the fuel gauge sender in the Lincoln replaced.  Its been throwing a code which lights the “service engine soon” light.  Evidently the computer uses the sender information to calculate fuel economy which means it can tell when the sender starts to stick.  It was throwing the code before we could see any evidence of sticking on the gauge but recently the gauge has been obviously sticky and today it dropped completely to E a couple of times – which is pretty alarming even when you know its total BS.  The fact that I have been trying to run the tank down so that changing the gauge will be easier just made it all that much harder to look at the gauge pegged on E.

I generally avoid Canadian Tire but father had really good luck with the South Albert store over the years that they lived on Castle Bay and I got a good feeling about them when I had them troubleshoot the non-functioning AC in the Exploder.  So today I took the Lincoln around to Larry at the South Albert store and we eventually agreed that I will bring it back to him tomorrow morning by which time he will have received the parts.  Nobody stocks anything anymore which means we the consumer get to pay for “rush” shipping on parts that should be stock items.  1/2 of the cabs and 90% of the cop cars in this town plus countless privately owned Crown Vics and Grand Marquis have exactly that same sender in them but “nobody” stocks a sender so it has to come from Saskatoon. 

After I got done dealing with Ukrainian Tire I came back to the bus and fixed the shitter.  The spring in the flush mechanism broke a couple of weeks ago.  We were able to use the toilet but after you flushed you had to lift the mechanism back up with your toe so it was kind of a pain to use.  Marilyn had a new spring cartridge on order when I left for Missouri and it was waiting for me when I got back last night.  Of course when I replaced the cartridge one of the hose connections started leaking but a new hose clamp seems to have cured that and all is well in the bus head again. 

Meanwhile the idiot cat has been enjoying having me home.  Normally he doesn’t give me the time of day but today he’s been a real cuddle bug all day.  Right now he’s draped over my arm in what looks to be a very uncomfortable position but he seems content. 

This little park is remarkably busy, particularly for the end of September in Regina. 

The park is considerably more rundown than the video would suggest.  Evidently selective camera angles and creative editing can work miracles.  However its not the worst place we’ve ever stayed in and it is convenient for our circumstances right now.  Marilyn is working hard to line up a place for the winter but so far hasn’t pulled the trigger on a final spot.  She’s holding out for a house-sitting gig if she can find the right one and the current owner here at Dyer Straits is making that wait a lot easier.  Unlike some places which close by the calendar this guy has the brains to close by the weather.  So all his services are still active and he says they will remain that way until the weather forces him to do otherwise.  It appears to be working for him because there’s a lot of us jammed in here waiting for winter. 

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