Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too good to be true

The news today is all abuzz with the likelihood that Justin will run for the Lib leadership.  Some of you may know that while I respected Pierre Elliott himself as a great leader I disagreed completely with the directions he lead us in.  There’s no doubt that the changes he accomplished live on after him, mostly for ill so you can’t argue with his effectiveness as a leader.  It appears that his spawn thinks he has the stuff to be a 2nd generation leader and it appears that there is a significant percentage of the Canadian population who have either forgotten that daddy’s policies were a disaster for the country or were too blind to understand that in the first place.  Regardless, the kid appears likely to run and some percentage of Canadians seem inclined to support him. 

Since that support can only come out of NDP territory it can be nothing but good news for the Conservatives if Justin actually gains the Liberal leadership.  Even if he doesn’t ever get elected leader the excitement and enthusiasm that his candidacy will generate for the Libs has to be good for those of us who think more deeply about this country’s direction.  Finally vote splitting will work in our favour.  So you can likely imagine my excitement when I learned this morning that I might actually be able to vote for the 2nd coming without having to become a member of the Libs. 


Alas – like most things that sound too good to be true this one turned out to be that way.  I tried registering without checking the “supporter” box thinking that perhaps they would let me under the tent without professing belief in the manifesto.  No such luck and there’s no way I can check that box so the best I can do is send Justin some money and wish him well. 

They should run that little cutie on the right side of the webpage.  On the other hand she looks young enough to be an NDP MP from Quebec.

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