Saturday, January 24, 2015

Re-adjusting to life afloat

This morning I launched the anchor again.  I like to pull it before we leave the boat because it hangs way out over the dock and I’m afraid someone will bang their head on it.  When I pulled it in July it was so I could take the bow roller back to the prairies to rebuild it.  Over the past couple of days I got all that new stainless mounted with some very expensive SS bolts.  Over 5 bucks apiece for the 6” bolts and over 4 bucks for the rest of them. 



After we got the anchor lowered overboard I pushed the button on the windlass and it came back aboard just as easy as can be.  That’s a huge improvement over the old method where I had to perch out on the bow pulpit to help the anchor over the hump with a boat hook. 

Next step is to fire up the old Lehmans and the antique Onan.  If all that goes well I think we’ll take the boat over to the club on Wednesday afternoon.  We’re the featured attraction at the speaker’s seminar Thursday evening.  Our topic is “Cruising Offseason to Alaska – What Were we Thinking?”

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