Thursday, January 15, 2015


The trunk of the car is mostly full – there’s more room left than I expected but I’m sure there’s more left to put in it than I think too.  All of a sudden today a snow storm appeared in the forecast for Revelstoke.  I’m dunno where the hell that came from – the weather has been uniformly good from the coast all the way to Calgary for close to a week now.  But all of a sudden this morning they started showing heavy snow for Revelstoke on Sunday morning which is exactly when I expect we will be passing through Revelstoke.  Fortunately it is not a problem. 

Thanks to the geniuses in Victoria WE ARE INVINCIBLE.

I haven’t been able to get the Black Knight sketch out of my mind ever since we started into this winter tire bullshit.  We may however hole up in Golden for a little longer than we otherwise would have.  Or the weather forecast may be wrong.  Hard to imagine I know but I hear that it occasionally does happen.  Or maybe these new tires really will make us invincible although, as SWMBO just pointed out, every other idiot on the BC highways will now also think that he is invincible.

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