Thursday, February 12, 2015

Damn its wet here

Its not just wet – its like living under a bloody firehose.  The damn pineapple express keeps funneling water in from the south Pacific and we’re right where it wants to fall out of the sky.


The picture doesn’t really capture how hard its been raining unless you notice the little splashes on the water surface.


Despite the rain its still a really pretty spot and we’ll be sorry to leave it behind.  Our plan right now is to pull the anchor tomorrow morning and head up through Dent Rapids and maybe as far as Port Neville.  Our progress tomorrow will depend entirely on what the currents do to us.  We’re into the famous dragons that guard the north end of Vancouver Island.  Dent Rapids is the home of Devil’s Hole, which we have so far been fortunate not to experience.  We’re on relatively small tides right now so I don’t think we’ll see it tomorrow either.  I would however like to get a current kick to speed our NW travel toward the ocean.  We’re not going right out to Cape Caution this time.  Once we get past Port Neville we’ll turn back NE into the Broughton Islands where our immediate next destination is Minstrel Island. 

I talked to the mayor of Buchanan a few days ago and he told me that it has been in the minus 30’s with a windchill in the 40’s so a little rain doesn’t seem bad in comparison.

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