Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sittin’ on the dock of Big Bay

….. with apologies to Otis Redding.

We’ve been docked at Big Bay for close to a week now.  Its been too wonderful to leave. 


That’s our view portside


And that’s the view in front of us

With scenery like that, what’s not to like?

Clearly there’s not much happens here this time of year.  The mail plane comes occasionally.  The store, such as it is, and Post Office are open 3 days a week and they seem happy to have company when they’re open.  We had some glorious sunshine early in the week but it turned back normal yesterday and its been pissing all day today.  The seals come on the low tides and lie up on the rocks to dry off.  They seem unaware that they aren’t really drying much in the rain.

We’ll probably move on over the weekend.  Gorge Harbour is our next destination and Pender Harbour after that.  But right now its just hard to leave such a pretty spot.

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