Saturday, February 28, 2015

A really nice spot

We untied in gusting gales this morning.  The wind blew hard all day yesterday and most of the night.  By this morning it wasn’t constant but it was still plenty nasty when it gusted.  We had been in Big Bay for as long as we wanted to be there and the forecast was good for later in the morning so we left anyway, despite the nasty conditions.

It all worked out well but there were moments.  Somewhere just south of Yaculta Rapids I heard a thump and looked out the starboard window just in time to see something large in the water that we had evidently just hit.  I thought to myself “Self, that’s weird – I sure as hell should have seen something that big in the water.” About the same moment I realized that what I was looking at was the kayak that normally lives in a J-bracket alongside the flybridge.  We carry one on each side but at that moment the starboard side kayak was rapidly falling behind us in the tossing waves.

We got it back aboard without too much incident although there was one bad moment when we thought the tarp that was around the kayak had ended up fouled in the prop shafts.  That turned out to not be the case.  The kayaks were tied in the brackets but evidently the wind was strong enough to pry the starboard one loose.  Like I said – it was a nasty wind.

As the morning went on, true to the forecast, the conditions rapidly improved. 

20150228_122411 20150228_125822 20150228_141254

That last photo is looking west from Lund Harbour, which is where we finished up around 2:00.  We’ve never stayed here before but its a pretty cute little marina.  Our plan was to spend the night on a dock so we could take on water but, after we paid, we discovered that they are under a boil water advisory.  So much for the big water plan.


Its still an above average spot to spend the night and we’ll pick up some water tomorrow in Pender Harbour.

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