Sunday, March 22, 2015

Very bad day

Marilyn woke me up at midnight complaining of chest and back pains.  She didn't think it was serious enough to do anything about but she kept getting worse as the night went on and by morning there was no doubt that she needed to go to emerg. So that's what we did. 

As emergency rooms go this wasn't the worst I've been in.  Not that I have such an extensive experience but I have been through a few of them over the years.  Mind you, on a couple of those occasions I was suffering from severe concussion and actually have no recollection of most of my time there let alone details about the experience. 

This time it was my job to just be there while they attended to Marilyn and they did a pretty good job of it, eventually arriving at the conclusion that she has a swollen pancreas.  They need to call it "Pancreatitis" just so they can use a $54 word and show off their years of medical training but its a swollen pancreas nonetheless.  And as near as I can tell from Dr. Google, when it comes on suddenly like this attack did, the prognosis is likely to be good.  She'll need to spend a couple of nights in the hospital while they poke and prod her and draw blood mainly so that they can pad the bill they send to Sask Mediscare but also so they can watch to see if its just going to go away on its own or if they need to actually do something to make it go away.

So for the first night in a very long time we'll be sleeping apart and it feels very lonely on the boat. 

Other than our big adventure this morning there's not much happening in The Bay.  I've been pulling my crab traps every other day and harvesting a decent crop of crabs which promptly go through my processing line and into the freezer in preparation for transport back to the prairies.  Prawns are closed in our favourite spot until the 1st of April but we're planning to be anchored in the bay on the morning of the 1st.  With any luck we'll catch a few gallons of prawns, freeze them and take them home as well.

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