Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Left coast radio

CBC is about the only source of over the air news left in this country.  That’s not saying much but it is what it is.  There’s a few local players in each province but for the most part CBC is it if you don’t want constant “music”.  When we have wifi we can stream other sources but sometimes we have nothing available and mostly CBC is the only signal that is strong enough to be usable.  This morning CBC Vancouver has been positively salivating at the prospect of trashing the Conservatives under the guise of reporting on the Mike Duffy trial.  Despite the fact that the trial won’t start for over a month, its leading the news out here.

Last year, on our way to Alaska, we saw some tree branches that appeared to be deliberately anchored in channels.  Eventually we learned that this is an Indian method of harvesting herring eggs.  Evidently the herring lay their eggs on the tree branches which the Indians then come along and harvest.  We tasted those eggs at a dock party at Baranof and were – to say the least – underwhelmed.  I’ve said that pancakes are usually just an excuse to consume syrup – herring eggs are worse.  I dunno what they put on them for sauce but there’s no discernable flavour to the eggs and the texture is like cream of wheat that hasn’t been cooked quite enough. 

The reason I raise the topic of herring eggs is that Left Coast CBC is up in arms this morning about a “federal” decision to open the herring fishery this spring.  Apparently the Indian chiefs went to court to try to prevent a commercial opening and lost.  According to CBC that’s a clear indication that the judge didn’t know what he was doing because the tribal knowledge is vastly superior to those self serving government scientists.  “Self-serving” is how I’d describe chiefs who want to continue to scoop up herring eggs while pretending that the herring fishery is endangered.  Of course their proposal was that the native fishery continue unabated (and largely unregulated as well).




We’re in Pender Harbour for a few nights, enjoying the unseasonably warm and SUNNY weather.  Its hard to believe we’re in BC.  It gets really cold overnight but the afternoons are in the low teens and the sun has been shining at least every other day.  With all that blue sky its hard to believe those pictures were taken in BC but – as long as it lasts – we’re loving it.  Particularly when we check the Buchanan weather.

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