Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mission incognito

I can’t say what I am doing and I can’t say where we are but we’re sure having an exciting week since we left Airdrie.  My client has a client who owes them a lot of money and has suddenly become reluctant to pay that money back.  My client got himself thrown out of his client’s yard and then sent me in to see how I would fare.  Up until about an hour ago I wasn’t doing much better but things may have taken a turn for the better.  Its all very exciting and – as long as nobody gets shot – will no doubt make a good story someday.


Our Airdrie weekend was the usual blowout of eating too much, drinking too much and sitting up late arguing politics.  After we left Airdrie we stopped in Medicine Hat for an early supper with RJ and Michael.  They regaled us with Malibu stories which served to make us very happy that we no longer own that boat.  It was just sad watching it sit in our yard growing mold.  Knowing that it is getting used and used hard makes us both feel really good. 

I made good use of Camiel’s ripping fast wifi connection to let Dropbox get fully updated.  I already wrote about how Mozy thoroughly pissed me off last winter with their “we know better than our idiot customers” attitude.  Now that Dropbox has fully updated I have anytime anywhere access to all my files with none of the idiot “customer protection” lunacy that Mozy imposed.  And at roughly 1/3 the price of Mozy.

Our little R2D2 satellite finder had to sit on top of the air conditioner box in order to see the satellite at Al & Camiel’s place.  That was a bit of a pain but it worked just fine up there and only briefly flaked out in the middle of the worst of the snowfall.  Where we are now it locked on in its normal 2 stage process.  That means that I let it search while I’m setting up and it fails to find the satellite.  Then I unplug it, wait a few seconds, plug it in again and it subsequently finds the satellite in roughly a minute.  I don’t understand what is different about being not plugged in while we are travelling and being not plugged in sitting on the ground but evidently the little bugger can detect the difference because it almost never connects the first time out and always connects after the brief power interruption.


We prefer to call it R2D2 but officially it is a Winegard carryout.

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