Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What a ridiculous animal

So --- we’re still somewhere.  And there’s a lot of moose around here.  Its a bizarre place for a moose but then the moose is kind of the ultimate bizarre animal.  If I was disposed to believe in intelligent creation then the moose would be clearly an afterthought, assembled from whatever bits and pieces were left after every other animal was created.

IMG_6652Tonight I was just driving along, minding my business, looking for a couple of errant combines and a missing super B with dusk rapidly falling.  When I first saw these two I thought someone’s steers were off on an adventure but it quickly became apparent that they were mooses. 


Then this guy wandered out of the weeds and up onto the road.  They were relatively unconcerned about me.  I just had my little Elph so I couldn’t get any really good pictures.


Somebody told me they like munching canola but there’s not much of that left and what there is left is getting pretty dry so I’m not sure what they were eating before I disturbed them.

My project is ongoing but may be coming to a close.  I think we’re both ready to go home.  Tonight the geese were flocking overhead.  That’s always a sure sign that our days of summer are numbered. 

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