Thursday, November 5, 2015

Racism of the left

If someone is disqualified for any particular task based only on their ethnicity, race, sex or physical handicaps we clearly identify that as racism or sexism or illegal discrimination. 

This morning the Canadian media is fawning over the new federal cabinet, several of whose members are apparently only qualified to hold ministerial appointments by virtue of their ovaries, headgear or skin colour.  That is the ultimate form of discrimination and its the more insidious because we don’t identify it for what it is. 

  • Its racist to appoint an Indian – whether born in Canada or born abroad – simply because he/she/it is an Indian
  • Its sexist to appoint a woman simply because she has ovaries
  • Its discriminatory to appoint anyone simply because they are physically handicapped

I actually feel sorry for those persons appointed by #lesserof2trudeaus simply to fill some equal opportunity quota because they may very well be qualified in their own right but we will never know that.  That’s what happens when we tolerate discrimination – good people get marginalized.

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