Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1992 redux

In 1992 Wee Willy Anklepants and the inventor of the internet were trying to beat GW's daddy. The Reagan landslides had left the Repubs with a stranglehold on the business vote and Willy needed to differentiate himself. Enter NAFTA. Willy's polls showed that he could drive a wedge into the Repubs if he opposed NAFTA, which he did. When he actually got to the White House he discovered that NAFTA wasn't that bad a deal after all and didn't actually do anything to the deal but by then he had the keys to the Oval Office (and the authority to hire interns).

Fast forward 16 years and Billary is in trouble cuz nobody really knows what the black guy stands for but he sounds better than she does. But guess what? Wee Willy can remember back to 1992. So herself comes out against NAFTA coincidentally just before the Ohio primary. Ohio - in case you didn't notice - is one of those so-called rust belt states. That means its a state with an old manufacturing sector that has been hurt by globalization. And when people lose their jobs they want to blame someone. Far better to blame those dirty Mexicans and devious Canucks than to point the finger at themselves and question what they have done to adapt to the 21st century. Anyway, Billary went negative, blamed NAFTA for all the US problems, the voters in Ohio spoke and the rest is history. Of course Billary may still be history too.

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