Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snowed in at Airdrie

OK - that's a bit of an exaggeration but spring is sure holding out on us this year. It started snowing here about 8:00 this morning and the ground is white now. It hasn't actually piled up anywhere but its definitely winter outdoors. At least its still warmer than Saskatchewan.

And speaking of a chill - how about those Liberals?? Steffie Dingdong was on a roll last week. Apparently his problems are all just a matter of discipline. Who'd a thunk? What do you suppose his decision tree looks like?

Leader is out of touch with partyWhack the party members
Leader is unelectable in his own provinceWhack the party members
Leader has no vision or strategyWhack the party members
Leader maybe has a vision but can't explain itWhack the party members
Leader is a whack jobWhack the party members

Hey - if it works for him why knock it - its certainly an easy decision structure to understand and implement.

Last week felt pretty short - not much to report from it. We didn't get back here until late on Tuesday and we both have had colds ever since we got back so we haven't been too active. There seems to be some hope that mine is going away but Marilyn's looks to have settled in for the long haul.

We had a little excitement yesterday but not the good kind of excitement. Marilyn has her car out here now & it started steaming on the way into Airdrie. It is in the shop at the Ford dealer now with a suspected cracked intake manifold. If you can imagine Ford actually used a plastic manifold on that car - and many others like it apparently. Surprise, surprise, plastic manifolds get cracks. I couldn't tell where the coolant was coming out but the mechanic didn't do much more than open the hood before he said "its the intake manifold". At first I thought he was just a crooked fool who was trying to pad his shop time but it quickly became apparent that this is a well known issue with that engine.

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