Sunday, March 2, 2008

They let us back into Canada!!

I guess the bonehead at customs hasn't heard that I think that most of them are idiots or else he just doesn't care. They let us back into Canada at about 8:20 Friday night. We left somewhere in southern Idaho that morning and the forecast for Montana was poor for Saturday so we decided to run all the way through to the border. Not that it was really that far - we used to drive a lot further in a day but the new program calls for shorter days and when SWMBO says we will drive shorter days, we drive shorter days.

We got to Lethbridge and found camp Wally-Mart. I usually manage to get lost in Lethbridge and this time was no exception. Purely by accident we found the visitor centre parking lot complete with signs that told us we couldn't spend the night there. Microsoft Streets 'n Trips came to the rescue with directions to the Wal-Mart. Yesterday we had a kind of lazy morning, found fuel and breakfast in Vulcan and eventually made our way to Camille & Allison's yard.

George started out the day aboveground. Normally when we haven't been travelling for a while he starts out under the couch. This time was no different - he spent the first couple of days out from Mesquite firmly planted under the couch from the time I started the noisemaker until the time I shut it off. Typically after a couple of days he starts to mellow out, first appearing after dark to watch the lights or ride in Marilyn's lap. When we crossed customs he was wandering around and even drew a "nice kitty" from the idiot in the customs booth. Yesterday he had apparently decided to spend the day aboveground. Somewhere north of Lethbridge we crossed a weather front, the temperature dropped abruptly and it started to snow a bit. George came up front from on top of the couch, took one look out the front window and promptly headed under the couch again. Can't say I blamed him and I felt like going there myself when I paid for the fuel. $1.19!!! - what's that all about? We were paying $0.69 in Mexico. What happened to free trade?

Today we're going to move out to Banff and get set up there for a couple of days. I've got a conference there starting tomorrow morning and Marilyn has some work to get done before she flies to Saskatoon on Wednesday. After I put her on the plane I'll move back out here and set up for a couple of weeks. Its a pretty good deal here - the price is right and the yard comes complete with power and a blistering fast wi-fi connection.

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