Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back in Airdrie

Marilyn is back! We met in Medicine Hat last night and moved back to Alison's today. Marlan came for lunch before he went to work. Now its trying to snow here but at least it isn't minus a whole bunch below zero. And my heater has worked for a whole week now so maybe I finally have that solved.

I was in Winnipeg on Wednesday and Stettler on Thursday - busy week. Next week we fly to Vancouver on Wednesday to spend Easter with Jim & Judy. They have a place on the island; we're all going there for the weekend. I'm supposed to be in Guelph to instruct a course the following week but I'm not sure that they have enough registrants so that may get cancelled.

Some day it will warm up in Saskatchewan and we will be able to go back to Nipawin. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to my shop. I've got some work to do on the generator and I need to rebuild the hitch on the bus completely. The generator has been a major pain since we bought the bus and it got a lot worse this winter. I'm undecided as to whether I should replace it or rebuild it but I'm leaning toward rebuilding in order to save money. The advantage of a new one would be that it might be quieter than this one. Its hard to believe that there could be one out there that is any noisier. I've got some ideas about how to build a hushbox around it so - while it is out - maybe I can do something to keep it at least a little quieter. I've seen generator installations that are so quiet you can't tell the generator is running even when you are standing right next to the bus. I won't get it that good but I'd like to be able to carry on a conversation from 100' feet away from the bus.

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