Monday, October 19, 2009

Counting the days now

We're back west of Saskatoon in Murray & Jill's yard counting the days until we can leave Saskatchewan. Marilyn got back from her last trip up north and shortly after she got home we got kicked out of 16 West. They said they were closing for the season and they made everybody leave but they lie. We left there on Thursday and today when I went by the owner was still camped there but I guess he must be happy because he is all by himself.

Today I got the 2nd muffler hooked up on the genset. I'm not sure that it made a whole lot of difference in the racket that the gennie makes but it must have helped a bit. Grandma used to say "every little bit counts like the old lady said when she pee'd in the ocean". I've got some soft mounts to put under it that should take out some of the low frequency vibration noise but I think I'll wait until we find a warmer place because that project could quickly turn into an ordeal.

I've got a contract through BDC Consulting that I am working on right now. I made a roadtrip to North Battleford and I've got a meeting with one of the principals on Wednesday and then I think we can leave here. If the weather doesn't go completely to hell we'll pull out Friday morning and go as far as Airdrie that night. We'll drink some wine with Al & Camiel and then be on our way through the mountains, probably arriving in Kelowna sometime Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow we are headed for Regina to check up on father. He's back in the hospital because of a bedsore that has turned into a major issue. The details aren't important and they're too messy to include here but suffice it to say that our so-called healthcare system has so far failed miserably in its feeble attempts to treat this latest indignity. The owner of his care facility put her foot down last week and forced the system's hand so he is in the hospital until they get the wound to at least start healing. In a nutshell the problem is that the care facility isn't allowed to change the dressings and the (taxpayer paid) staff that is tasked with changing the dressings won't come often enough to actually cure the wound. Meanwhile father is caught in the middle with a deteriorating and debilitating out of control bed sore. Thanks a bunch Tommy Douglas.

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