Monday, October 12, 2009

Not evil - just wrong

This is too good not to share. Turns out there's a Irishman named Phelim McAleer who has made a movie called "Not Evil - Just Wrong". Phelim calls himself an environmental journalist but don't hold that against him because this guy might just have it right. He's taken a direct run at Al Gore. You remember Al - the guy who invented the internet that makes it possible to read this weblog. You may also remember that he made a pseudo-documentary called "An Inconvenient Truth" that has made him a bunch of money. Its also made him the darling of big environment and that was what brought him to a convention in Baltimore where Phelim was able to ask a question. That's newsworthy because apparently Big Al is too much of a celebrity to actually answer questions anymore.

Apparently a British court has been asked to rule on the veracity of Al's movie because the schools want to use it to brainwash British children and it turns out ................. wait for it ............. there's some mistakes in Al's movie. I know - it's hard to believe but apparently it isn't as pure as the driven snow that Al claims is no longer falling. Those mistakes were the subject of Phelim's questions to Big Al and Al was squirming. He didn't answer the questions and the organizers cut off Phelim's microphone but I think that was probably Phelim's objective. He wanted some publicity and I'm happy to do my little bit to help him out.

Not Evil - Just Wrong is the web address but don't be surprised if you can't log in because I think they are experiencing a lot of traffic.

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