Sunday, October 25, 2009

We gotta get out of this place ...........

Murray & Jill's yard doesn't look too bad in this picture but that's mud to the right. The mud is left over from the snow that covered the yard a few days earlier. So it seemed like we were living on borrowed time. We got an early start on Friday morning so that we could travel on the frost. Their yard is at the end of about 20 miles of gravel - the bottom sides of the bus show evidence of the gravel & mud on the trip out to their place. We took a shortcut down to highway 7 and our plan to travel on the frost worked. Then we headed west for Airdrie.

But then Airdrie was a whole lot worse when we woke up Saturday morning to this crap and more falling. I checked the internet and Camiel checked his $4000 airplane Garmin and we decided that we would likely drive out of the gack at Cochrane which is exactly what happened. We had a glorious drive through the mountains.

The only time the weather intervened was at the top of Rogers Pass and that didn't last long. Once we got west of the pass we got into autumn leaves and even the occasional green deciduous trees. We got to Sicamous as it was getting dark. It was strange driving south down Mara Lake with no boats on the lake and none in the slips. We briefly debated spending the night in one of the rest areas along the lake but decided they would be too noisy so we carried on to Grindrod.

It was getting pretty dark by the time we pulled into town but the park was open so we pulled in there and spent a quiet night beside our favorite river. This morning we got a leisurely start, had lunch in Kelowna and ended up coming all the way back to Chilliwack where we found our Holiday Trails membership park was still open. We both thought it closed on Oct. 15 so this was a great surprise. Our Thousand Trails park is open too but we like this one better. We're also limited to 50 nights a year in the Thousand Trails system before we have to start paying $5 per night compared with unlimited nights in the Holiday Trails system so we might as well use the nights on the Holiday Trails system if at all possible. So tonight we're tucked into a 50 amp site at Holiday Trails listening to the warm rain fall. Life is good.

(Monday) The rain is over, the sun came out, the temperature is about 10 degrees higher than what we left behind. We should have done this a month ago. Tomorrow I'll get the boat out of temporary storage and get it winterized. I've been worrying about it for the last month.

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